Dr. Benson's Personal Testimonial

I was raised on a rural farm in Belmont WI. At a very young age, I began suffering from allergy induced asthma. My wonderful parents, Terry and Leslie Benson, were managing my affliction with the only way they knew how. Medication! At the time I was taking a menagerie of medications. I was on an allergy pills, nasal inhalers, multiple different steroidal inhalers, a fast acting inhaler, put on numerous rounds of oral steroids and yet was still making frequent stops to the emergency room where I received more medications in the form of a nebulizer. I can remember carrying inhalers with me where ever I would go. I had one for my pocket, book bag, gym locker, and night stand in fear that I would have an attack and nothing to stop it. I would cough and wheeze in the middle of the night. When staying at my cousins I would have to sleep in the basement so that others could get some rest. Multiple times, I would wake deprived of oxygen with the most extreme headache you could imagine. My mother would rush to my side to comfort me as I would scream and cry do to all the pain. She would place ice on the back of my head and massage the top of my neck until I would finally drift back of to sleep. It seemed as if there was no hope.

On a visit to the local chiropractor, my mother was informed that there had been many cases where asthma had been helped with chiropractic care, especially in children. My mother finally took me in to see if I could find help. After starting care, there was no immediate changes and it seemed as if it was just another lost cause, but in time we noticed that I was able to go without needing to utilize the steroid inhalers. I was later able to stop taking the allergy medication, but still always was prepared with my emergency inhaler (just in case). As I became older, I started to have more priorities than going to the chiropractic and I would say that I kind of fell out of care. I would not find my self back to the chiropractor until my sophomore year in high school. During my sophomore year, I missed over an entire quarter of school do to being doubled over in abdominal pain. I was thoroughly tested by the medical doctors to try and find the cause of my pain. I had barium x-rays, and upper and lower gastro-intestinal scope, blood test, and many more to come up with the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with my stomach. Back to the chiropractor I went and with treatment and a little nutritional counselling, I found my self feeling better. It was at this time I knew I wanted to be in the health field!

I signed up for the Youth Apprenticeship program offered through Southwest Technical College in Fennimore, WI. I began taking classes that summer and received my Certified Nursing Assistant degree at the age of 15. I began working in a local nursing home in Platteville, WI during school, after school, and on the weekends. I worked at Heartland Health Care for 5 years until I would later move to Davenport. I had also taken many courses which helped prepare me for the health field and made college much easier. After graduating high school with honors, I began my education at University Wisconsin-Platteville where I completed all of my requisites to enter Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. While at Palmer I began to learn of all the different techniques and ways that chiropractic can be performed. I had always been used to my entire spine being cracked and thought that that was the only way chiropractic was done. After examining many of the different approaches, I noticed a commonality between most of the techniques taught. I began learning more and more about this upper cervical or upper neck technique that was developed by the developer of chiropractic, Dr. B.J. Palmer. It was a very detailed, specific, and heavily researched technique from the early 1930's to 1950's. I decided to get my first upper cervical specific correction, it was what I was missing all this time! I finally was able to say goodbye to all those emergency inhalers stashed everywhere. I knew that this was what I wanted to practice as it made such a profound difference in my life. I began studying multiple upper cervical approaches, by the best in the profession. Along this journey I was blessed in many more ways than just health and the means to help many of the people out there that were just like me.

I was also blessed with many friends, my son Tyde Michael, and my daughter Taytem Lila which I enjoy spending the majority of my time. I also enjoy spending time outdoors hunting, camping, and fishing. I have been blessed in so many ways and am always grateful.

Dr. Clark E. Benson D.C, B.S

Upper Cervical Chiropractor