Dr. Clark Benson DC, DCCJP, BSc

Best Platteville Wisconsin Upper Cervical Chiropractor

I grew up as a farm kid in Southwest Wisconsin. I have suffered from severe asthma, allergies, and digestive problems ever since I can remember.  Every type of the following was used to control my symptoms: steroid inhalers, nasal sprays, allergy medications, emergency inhalers, and we still had to make regular trips to the ER for nebulizer treatments. My lungs were starving for air and would wake me up in the middle of the night. I would reach for my inhaler, on my nightstand, with the most intense migraine you could imagine. Ice, massage, ibuprofen, and my caring Mother was my regimen to get back to sleep. This continued for many years until I had my first chiropractor appointment.  I was able to reduce my multiple inhalers and noticed less attacks too.  It was a miracle!

Fast forward 5 years and I was doubled-over in extreme abdominal pain.  An entire school quarter was missed while a gamut of tests was ordered such as: barium swallows, enemas, upper and lower GI scopes. All this agony resulted with no answers!  I didn’t find any relief until I returned to the chiropractor and he suggested plain yogurt (probiotics) to possibly soothe my abdominal pain; it worked!

These childhood events taught me a few things:

1. To be grateful that medications were available, but to never stop searching for the cause so you don’t chase the symptom(s).
2. Conservative care first.  Sometimes a $2 tub of yogurt is worth more than thousands of dollars of tests.
3. A caring mother is priceless.

These early life lessons are the cornerstone principles in the way I practice. My personal life is enjoyed outdoors with my two kids, family and friends while raising livestock, horseback riding, camping, kayaking, fishing, and hunting. I also enjoy being an active learner, so I attend seminars across the country to learn directly from some of the greatest minds of today. The human body never ceases to amaze me.

Diplomate of Chiropractic Craniocervical Junction Procedures (DCCJP) is a 300 hour post graduate program focusing on the intricacies of the top two spinal bones and their affects on functional neurology, cerebellar ectopia (chiari 0), cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) hydrodynamics, imagining of static stabilizers and their potential affects on neurodegenerative diseases. If you’re suffering from migraines, chronic headaches, vertigo, post concussive syndrome, whiplash, neuro degenerative diseases, or feel like you have exhausted every avenue in your quest to get well, its time to have your upper neck examined by a DCCJP.

Best Platteville Wisconsin Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Britney Wilson

Britney joined the Spinal Institute of Health in March of 2017. She has personally seen the benefits of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care through her youngest sister. Her sister was suffering from headaches, almost daily, for six months. The headaches began after she was hit in the head during a soccer game. Dr. Benson was able to help her after just one adjustment! Now Britney’s sister gets checked every three months for maintenance. Britney is very thankful for Dr. Benson’s work and for having a job opening. If Britney hadn’t been working at the Spinal Institute, her sister might not have received the help she needed and might have had to use medications to ease her pain instead of allowing her body to heal itself.

Britney is constantly referring everyone and anyone who will listen about Dr. Benson and the benefits of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. Britney has been married for 8 years, she has 1 daughter & is expecting her second child in October. Britney also has her own photography business, Britney Neis Photography, where she focuses on capturing those special moments for newborns, children, and family portraits.

Best Platteville Wisconsin Upper Cervical Chiropractor

JoAnn Riechers

JoAnn joined the Spinal Institute of Health in April of 2020, after spending several years in retail. She enjoys working in a reduced stress environment. Over the last year she has witnessed Dr. Benson’s method of treatment on some difficult cases, when the patients leave with a smile on their face. Outside of work she enjoys watching her grandchildren play sports and tending to her flower garden.


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