Soon after taking 1st place in a 5K race, I noticed my health start to decline. I was to the point I couldn’t even walk the dog. The pain had me frustrated. I had tried everything and thought that drugs and surgery were my only option. I am grateful

– Jeane

I had suffered from Degenerative Disc Disease and Arthritis for 5-7 years. It was affecting my daily life and my ability to work. I found myself taking 3-4 breaks a night at work. I didn’t venture out of the house far because I always felt like I needed

– R.K. , Platteville

I dealt with back and shoulder pain for 4 years and was concerned the pain was getting worse during my first pregnancy. I was referred by a friend of mine, who say Dr. Benson when she was pregnant. Dr. Benson has been able to make an amazing difference

– M. Canon, Mineral Point

I suffered from back pain for 30 years. My shoulders ached and I could barely lift my arms over my head. I walked with an embarrassing limp, and to top it all off had troubles sleeping at night. I can now say I am grateful to have my health! I feel 100%

– Bonnie

“When I heard an advertisement for the The Spinal Institute of Health on the radio one day, I had been experiencing head and neck pain for the better part of 16 years. I was at my wits end; I had been through every test in the book by physicians who always told me, ‘We can’t find anything wrong with you’ and getting the feeling from them that it was, ‘All in my head.’ Other chiropractic care and physical therapy gave me temporary relief. I made the appointment. I shared my frustrations of not being able to live my life the way I wanted (pain free), headaches nearly everyday of my life, the pain and stress in my neck and multiple miscarriages. I longed to have another child, I was convinced that if I felt better that I would be able to carry another child. Dr. Benson gave me hope. He set up a plan for care, I followed it; it was like no other treatment I had ever received. Within months, I noticed a change in myself. As the months passed, the results were unbelievable to me. It’s been a year and a half and I’m happy to say that it’s very rare that I suffer from head or neck pain. It’s frustrating when I think of the time that I lost, when I was in pain. I am thankful to Dr. Benson for believing in me and helping me to heal my body. When it comes to me wanting to conceive another child, I’m happy to say that I’m due in four months.”

– J. Hoeger 37yrs (Manchester, IA)

I have tried traditional chiropractic adjustments; that focus solely on the pain or the spasm spots. The relief doesn’t last because the underlying problem pulls it back out again. I had been told there was nothing more to be done about my arthritis and hip pain. Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care is different and really works. Since beginning treatments through the Spinal Institute less than a year ago, I virtually have no aches or chronic pain. I have been able to exercise, lose weight and significantly lower my blood pressure. Dr. Benson also talks with you and really listens. He offers suggestions for natural relief of yours symptoms and works with you on diet and exercise when appropriate as well as encouraging traditional medical and dental check-ups. He doesn’t jerk, crack or pull on your neck. He explained that our spine and neck are like an electrical circuit board to our bodies. If everything is in line, our muscles and symptoms and general aches and pains starting fixing themselves. My overall health has improved including my sleep and energy level. I would recommend that you call the Spinal Institute of Health and see if Dr. Benson can help you.

– K. Groves 62yrs (Livingston)

I had started chiropractic care when I was 18, due to my back pain that resulted from heavy-lifting on the farm. The relief was always temporary but I remained under care for about 8 years. In my 30s, my highly stressful job added shoulder/neck pain, loss of sleep and fatigue to my troubles. So I was popping ibuprofen just to ease some pain. I knew I was too young to feel this miserable and I began to pray for an alternative means for pain relief.
Although I was sleep deprived, I did make it to the Bridal Expo in Jan 2011 and that is where I met Dr. Benson. After a scan and a brief explanation of how Dr. Benson heals, I scheduled my first consultation. I remember seeing my x-rays and viewing just how crooked my head was and how the rest of my spine had been compensating for it all these years. Although I didn’t have health insurance, I didn’t hesitate starting a treatment program. I will admit that working full-time and healing was grueling at times but I finally found relief and was able to sleep at night. After attending orientation class, I can trace all of my health issues to my birth. I had colic, tonsillitis 3- 4x/year, sinus infections, allergies, joint pain, decrease in energy,
headaches and colds. Now my headaches are very rare, my energy level is through the roof and I don’t lock up during gardening/yard work anymore. I cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation for everything Dr. Benson has done for me. This year has been more than a life-changing experience. My prayers have been answered and a miracle has happened. Thanks a million Doc, I owe you a trillion favors!!

– Vicki Thole 37yrs

The sharp pain in my back and numbness in my feet made it hard for me to walk very well, but most importantly kept me from being able to drive. My family noticed how I would lean forward when I walked and could barely keep my head up to eat dinner. In my quest to get well. I had been tested for diabetes 9 times, sought care from a pain management specialist and was taking 8-10 different medications at once. The medications made me so dopey that my wife was afraid I would have to go to the nursing home because of my inability to take care of myself.

The Spinal Institute was our last resort. We were very impressed on the first day at how Dr. Benson explained everything in great detail and took ample amount of time to know us and the circumstances we were facing. Now, I am feeling 75-80% better. I am walking much better and standing straighter. I am off of All the pills and now enjoy life. Most of all, I am

looking forward to driving again this Spring. Thank you Dr. Benson and the Spinal Institute of Health!

– Williams Scheil 79yrs (Plattevile)

The past four years I have been suffering from all over back and shoulder pain. I was expecting my first child when my pain started becoming worse. My friend had great success at the Spinal Institute while she was pregnant so I decided to give it a shot. My back pain has decreased an amazing amount. I also started bringing my 4-month-old in to get checked. The birthing process can be very traumatic on babies; you may not even realize it. My daughter was spitting up all the time and really fussy. She has been so much better since I started having her checked. It is not like what you think of when you go to see a typical doctor in regards to a long wait time, very quick doctor visit and then leave with a prescription. The waiting time is usually within 15 minutes and Dr. Benson spends a good deal of time with you and explains everything. I feel he really listens and hears my concerns then directs me. I am very happy and I was also the lucky winner of 32″ flat screen TV from a customer appreciation drawing at Dr. Benson’s office.

– Mercedes Canon 20 yrs (Platteville)

My back was extremely tight and I had a lot of neck pain too. It was a struggle to bend over because it hurt so intensely. I was suffering for about 5 months and did not seek out any help because I was pregnant with my first child; I didn’t want to harm my baby. After talking to friends about Spinal Institute, I decided to make an appointment and see if Dr. Benson could bring me some relief.

Overall, I am better. My back muscles have loosened up and now I can bend over without intense pain. I also started bringing my daughter in because she would only turn her head to one side. Not only is she moving her head to both sides now, her severe vomiting has stopped and she is less fussy. I now have my whole family coming in for regular checkups.

– Tasha Lange 30yrs (Platteville)

In June 2011, I had knee surgery. It fixed my knees but then I had constant severe lower back pain. The back pain was so bad that I had trouble walking. It also greatly affected my ability to bend over and even pick up stuff. I started to wake up in the middle of the night with low back pain and we all know what its like to have our sleeping time interrupted night after night.

Prior to care at the Spinal Institute I tried physical therapy for about 3 months. I also had spinal injection that seemed to help some but was more of a temporary relief. I feared that I would need surgery if this pain continued.

I feel 90% better with only minor discomfort every now and then. I feel great and can do everything that I could do before. I now sleep through the night and walk with ease.I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Spinal Institute. Dr. Benson is very knowledgeable and just knows what he is doing. He is just awesome! I would highly recommend the Spinal Institute to others!

– Lois Rupp 72yrs (Benton)

I was suffering from shoulder pain and tennis elbow. I was in a lot of pain for about a 3 month period. I sought out help through a medical doctor and I was prescribed pain medications. I met Dr. Benson at the Ladies Night Out Expo and decided to sign up that night for appointment. I feel 100% better and I have no more pain.

– Brenda Banfield 54yrs (Platteville)

I feel so good I forget my appointments! I only started feeling this way after starting care at the Spinal Institute. I had been suffering for about a month with numbness/tingling in my arms and shoulder. Not only was it bothersome and an uncomfortable feeling, it started to effect my sleep. In my line of work, I am constantly working on my hands, knees and bending my neck so this became an issue with work as well. I had tried traditional chiropractors who tried stimulation patches with little to no results. I stopped care. I then tried my medical doctor who tried some adjustments; but again with no success. Then a family member recommended the Spinal Institute and I knew I had nothing to lose. No longer after starting care with Dr. Benson, I was feeling 100% again. I am pain free and sleep without numbness and tingling in my arms. I recommend the Spinal Institute to others especially if you have tried everything else, give it a shot!

– Jeff Kliebenstein 56yrs (Platteville)

Because I sit 8 hours/day working on a computer, I didn’t believe there was any help for my lower back pain and tight shoulders and neck. I was taking Aleve 2x/day to function. For over 25 years, I have had this same position and my issues really started developing about 7 years ago. I have sought out help through medical doctors, an acupuncturist, general chiropractors, spiritualist and natural health practitioners. Dr. Benson visited my place of work for a wellness chat and I decided to make an appointment after hearing about his field of practice. I have tremendously improved! My upper back and shoulders don’t cause me any discomfort and I am able to do more things that give me pleasure; such as gardening in my flower beds, vacuuming and cleaning my windows. Dr. Benson and staff make me feel welcome and treat me as an equal. I have even scheduled my husband and grandchild who has remarkably improved from severe migraines.

– B. Jones 64yrs (Dodgeville)

Prior to starting upper cervical care, I had been experiencing lots of pain for about 2 weeks. A co-worker recommended Dr. Benson so I made an appointment. After starting care I feel Great, 95% improved. Even the staff has treated me great and I feel the Spinal Institute has wonderful people that are wanting to help.

– J. Runde 63yrs (Belmont)

For the better part of 30 years, I had back pain and headaches everyday. The pain was so severe that I couldn’t stand in one place for more than 10 minutes at a time. I received steroid injections for both my back and neck. A friend referred me to Dr. Benson and I have improved greatly under his care. I know I’ll never be pain free but my headaches are infrequent, I’m in less overall pain and my neck has better movements. Thank you.

– D. Gieseke 59yrs (Boscobel)

Before starting my Upper Cervical Care, I suffered from headaches, neck and mid-back pain and was very uncomfortable when sleeping. I was habitual stomach-sleeper and under chiropractic care (elsewhere) for about 5 years. The pain and discomfort would only subside for a day, when I would see my other chiropractor. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Benson after he evaluated my posture at the SWTC Health Fair. Through his treatment and cervical pillow, I can now sleep on my back with no discomfort. Plus, I feel great, 95% better! Dr. Benson and staff are very welcoming. You feel very comfortable and everything is explained so you know what’s going on at all times.

– B. Eggers 25yrs (Lancaster)

I feel great now! I would say I am 90% improved since seeing Dr. Benson. My Dad scheduled me with Dr. Benson after my neck pain and dizzy spells weren’t improving. My regular chiropractor wasn’t giving me any relief. Now, I am not distracted by pain during class and I sleep better. Plus, everyone (at the Spinal Institute) is so friendly and welcoming. I love coming here.

– L. Smith 18 yrs (Lancaster)

I feel complete. The limitations that remain I can live with. I continue to work out and be mobile. This wasn’t the case before I started care with Dr. Benson. I suffered for 30+ years with arthritis, stiffness in my joints and limited range of motion in my neck. I feel great and gained 17% more movement in my neck. I feel 70% better all over. I was referred by a friend and refer as well. Sharing my success is the Best way to say thank you.

– J. Sincox 53yrs (Ridgeway)

I was having severe and frequent BACK SPASMS. I was debating on retiring before I made an appointment at the Spinal Institute of Health. Muscle relaxants and regular chiropractic adjustments just didn’t cut the pain. I have done a full 180 since being under Upper Cervical Care with Dr. Benson; he has been a life-changer!

Research: Low-back pain is the single leading cause of physical disability worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013. In a prospective, multicenter, cohort study on, “Symptomatic reactions, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction associated with upper cervical chiropractic care,” the conclusion was as follows: outcome assessments were significantly improved with less than 3 weeks of care with a high level of patient satisfaction.

– K. Kopp

I suffer from degenerative disc disease and became arthritic about 4 years prior to being referred to The Spinal Institute of Health. My wife was a patient of Dr. Benson and she knew the severity of my back/hip pain. It was even interfering with my work. I would be forced to sit for 4-5 minutes about 3-5 times during an 8 hour shift due to the intensity. It`s been 6 months and I feel at least 90% better and barely notice the arthritis. I am able to enjoy my life by walking longer distances, doing outdoor stuff and I can shovel. Lastly, the Spinal Institute of Health staff is friendly and thorough with my care.

– R. Kress (Platteville)

Dr. Benson Rocks! I live in the same neighborhood as the Spinal Institute. I came into his office with numbness and pain in my feet that occurred off and on. I had previously consulted a medical doctor before starting care with Dr. Benson. Previous alignments (from Dr. Benson) had alleviated pain and discomfort immediately! Now I never miss my maintenance check-ups (every 6 months) and I frequently recommend him to friends and family. I feel great for a 55-year-old man!

– R. Lind 55yrs (Platteville)

I had horrible migraines for the last 3 years that we were so bad I wouldn’t want to do anything but lay in the dark. I had tried other chiropractors in the mpast and was referred by my grandma to see Dr. Benson. Since being under care with Dr. Benson, I feel absolutely amazing and feeling overall 90% better. I can get up and down without any pain in my head. When I walk into the office, I always feel welcome and when I walk out I feel amazing!

– H. Carter 13yrs (Arena)

Research: 68% of headaches reached Subclinical Pain (SCP) Results within as little as 2 weeks and an average of ONLY 2.5 adjustments in a nationwide study! Symptomatic  reactions, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction associated with upper cervical chiropractic care: A prospective, multicenter, cohort study. Kirk Eriksen, Roderic P Rochester, Eric L Hurwitz.

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders201112:219
DOI: 10.1186/1471-2474-12-219
c Eriksen et al: licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2011

Received: 27 July 2011
Accepted: 5 October 2011
Published: 5 October 2011

Late 2013, I had an accident that caused my head to hurt (under my skull & top of my head) and restricted my movements to my left side nearly all of the time. I sought relief for 4 years through chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and steroid injections. I even had my nerve-endings burned; I was about to give up. I had nothing to lose when a coworker told me about Dr. Benson at the Spinal Institute. I made an appointment and I feel like I am finally getting relief. I still have issues and some stiffness but I am feeling a lot better.

– K. Jenkins 67yrs (Mineral Point)

Upper Cervical care gave me my life back. The painful head sensations were nerve-racking and I was told I might have to just live with it. My Mom first tried to help me by taking me to a medical doctor and the medicine, physical therapy and rest didn’t give me relief. After she found relief with Dr. Benson, she scheduled me. I had suffered for 6 months prior and now my condition has completely gone away, 100%! Get your head on straight. Now we are working on my athletic body, Thanks Dr. Benson,

– L. May 17yrs (Mineal Point)

Since getting hit in the face/head while player soccer, I would get headaches 1-2x/day. This lasted for 7 months, while I used Ibuprofen and even had an MRI. This led me to seeing a specialist. In the mean time, I started care at the Spinal Institute and started feeling better. I feel 100% better, I no longer get headaches. Since I am feeling better, I don’t have to see that other specialist anymore.

– M. Neis 13yrs (Platteville)

For 30 years, I have been experiencing neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches. I have been under medical care and chiropractic care with not much relief at all. I was referred to Dr. Benson at the Spinal Institute of Health by my regular chiropractor. My headaches have decreased and I don’t need an adjustment every week. I feel I have improved about 60% and appreciate the relief after 30 years.

– P. Jones (Montfort)

For about 2 years and through 2 pregnancies, I had really bad hip pain which prevented me from sleeping well. I only used warm compresses to ease the pain. Dr. Benson came highly recommended by 2 friends. Since starting care, I feel 90% better. I sleep better and can be more active with my children all day without pain. I give this office and staff a 10, for friendly and informative environment.

– D. Kieffer (Mineral Point)

I suffered from severe, stabbing, low-back pain for 2 years, knee pain for 3 years and nagging neck pain for 1 year. In the past, I used heating pads, massage, chiropractic and medicine. Since being under care I feel 80% improvement in one month time. I no longer have to take Tylenol for arthritis pain and I have been able to work more hours with less pain! I also feel like I have better mental clarity and a more positive future. Dr. Benson is very professional and I appreciate his in depth explanations of procedures to help me understand the importance.

– T. Yerke (Mineral Point)

Research: Low back pain 62.1% reached Subclinical Pain (SCP) Results within as little as 2 weeks and an average of ONLY 2.5 adjustments in a nationwide study!

I was frustrated and reaching the end of my proverbial rope. On the daily: I had neck pain, stiffness, knee pain and was approaching being crippled with sciatic pain. I am a very active individual and I enjoy running 5Ks. I treated with traditional chiropractic care and even acupuncture but I felt they were treating my symptoms and not the core problem. When I met Dr. Benson at the 2012 Elderfest, I viewed him as my last resort. Now(4 months later) I am learning my limits, feeling 80% better and staying away from surgery and drugs. I am absolutely grateful to have found the Spinal Institute of Health. I continue to run 5Ks and win my age class the majority of the time.

– J. Collins 74yrs (Hazel Green)

For several months, neck pain affected my sleep and work (farming). I tried many other treatments such as massage, drugs, cold and heat compresses. One day my massage therapist suggested Dr. Benson. Since starting care at the Spinal Institute I feel 95% better. I routinely come back for check-ups to keep my spine in good shape.

– A. Whalen (Darlington)

I have been feeling extreme pain in my neck and shoulder for about 3 months. Before hearing about the Spinal Institute through my daughter, I had been under chiropractic care; but wasn’t finding the relief I wanted. Within a couple of weeks, I felt excellent. Now I am almost pain-free; I would say 85% better.

– B. Roh 45 yrs (Dodgeville)

I felt terrible! I had a stiff neck that went into my upper back and shoulders. I dealt with this pain for probably more than 3 years. I tried exercise, chiropractic, supplements, stretches, PT and they were all good, but only temporary! I just kind of accepted I was going to have to deal with it, until I met Dr. Clark at a talk he conducted at Lands` End. Since being under care at the Spinal Institute I can`t believe how much better I feel, I would say I feel 99% better. Not only do I feel better, I can sleep better, I don`t have to crack my neck all the time and my asthma has improved too! Dr. Benson and his staff are so nice and always willing to work with crazy schedule!

– J. May (Mineral Point)

The last 3-4 years, I have lived with intense neck pain and headaches. Over-the-counter medications, stretching and trying to ‘crack’ my neck left me with little to no relief. I was scared to see a chiropractor due to a bad experience at age 12. Dr. Benson relieved my stress by being very thorough with explaining his procedures. After being under Dr. Benson`s care, I feel 90% better! I no longer have headaches and my neck feels great and I can sleep much better. His adjustments are so slight that it doesn’t seem like they should work; BUT THEY REALLY WORK!

– L. Hartnett

I suffered for over 2 years from neck pain and numbness in my right hand. I had tried muscle relaxants, massage, and traditional chiropractic. Since being under care with Dr. Benson I feel 97% relief and am surprised at how quickly the change in pain levels and frequency within hours just melted away. I highly recommend the Spinal Institute of Health. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive!

– T. Miller MSN, LCSW

My list of health issue used to be a mile long. On daily basis, I endured the following: aching shoulders, inability to lift my arms over my head, back aches, short of breath, trouble with walking, soreness in the arch of my foot; I even used to limp and I was so embarrassed. For 30 years, I went to chiropractors that would only give me a quick fix for about a week. I met Dr. Benson at a Bridal Expo. I am so happy to feel 100% better now that I refer him to Everyone! I am able to go about my daily routine with no pain and I even sleep better. I never miss my check-ups because I want my body to continue to function optimally.

– B. Pink (Lancaster)

For years, it was very painful to walk. I sought out help through other chiropractors but it wasn`t until I met Dr. Benson at Elderfest that I began on the road to painless living. Now, I feel 95% better. If not for Upper Cervical care, I would probably be in a wheelchair. I love Dr. Benson and cannot live without his care!

– D. Klemme 75 yrs (Cassville)

I had pain daily. Feet pain, hip pain, lower back pain, neck pain and mainly all due to my sedentary work schedule. I suffered for years and would get only temporary relief from massage, yoga and regular chiropractic visits. Im almost pain free and I thank my herbal supplements and the Spinal Institute for the upper cervical treatments and exercises for my improved state of well-being.

– L. Shemak (Highland)

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