“Can you help me with my headaches?”

Patient enters the office: Can you help me with my headaches.  I have been experiencing debilitation headaches for 3 years. I have been down every avenue I can think of and have had minimal to no results. I have been popping Ibuprofen for the last 3 years 800 mg 3 times daily, I take aspirin as well. I take muscle relaxers 3 times daily, high blood pressure medication, headache medication.  The pain is like a bad hangover with intense pain when I look down, am around noise, or when active. I have a constant tightness in my neck and it pops and cracks all the time.  I was told by a local chiropractor, where I was getting temporary relief, to come see you!  “Can you help me with my Headaches”

I conducted an in depth exam including paraspinal thermography, Range of motion, orthopedics, neurological testing, postural testing, functional testing, vitals. Based on his finding we decided to take a very precise set of x-rays on his upper neck.    What we found was a misalignment of his upper two bones, which was creating inflammation in neck that was chronic and constant.  After discussing treatment and what was expected of him, he was ready to get started. 

After his first treatment he already noticed a change in his energy, less neck pain, and was able to reduce his ibuprofen and muscle relaxants all on his own.  With in less than a month he began coming off his other medications with the council of his medical doctor, which was going to be a 4 week process.  This patient experienced some ups and downs, but the pain levels never became as bad as they were when he started.  Patient is no longer taking medications, is pain and headache free, and is able to carry out life as he once new it! 

Success or Failure?

Success! Patient headaches gone! Naturally, NO surgery, NO drugs.  Patient is still free of headaches 2 yrs later and has his life back!

Failure! This patient suffered for over 3 years, pumped with medication after medication with little to no results.  Just struggling through the pain on a day to day basis.  Failure of the “Health” care system! 

Conclusion:  I can’t help all types of headaches as the possible causes are multiple, but I can and have helped hundreds with not only minimizing but eliminating their pain, their suffering, and helped these people get back to their lives.   Treatment is gentle, there is no cracking, popping, snapping, or twisting necessary to correct the upper cervical spine.  If you or someone you know is suffering and not getting results, get checked by an Upper Cervical Chiropractor and see if you have an Upper Cervical problem. If you have had great results tell others, they are waiting for answers.  Tell your doctors, so that they can send others suffering from the same condition.  Often other physicians don’t understand chiropractic, let alone all the different techniques and applications, let them know that upper cervical chiropractic care is a safe alternative.  Last but not least, I congratulate and thank the chiropractor who referred this patient to our office and I congratulate the patient for taking control of his health!

Dr. Clark Benson D.C.
Upper Cervical Chiropractor